When Michael happened upon glass blowing at UW-River Falls, he became seduced by the medium. Quarter abroad gave him the opportunity to work with Erwin Eisch in Frauenau.  Following a year with Peace Corp in Bolivia , he earned his Masters in Art.  Michael then returned home to farm and to build a glass / art studio.  In time, the art imagery became a story about farming and farming demanded a more creative venue.

                                 His work has evolved  into conceptual mixed media and installation configurations centered on the pop culture icon of an ear of corn representing eons of time, evolution, selective breeding, and survival of the fittest. Michael has consistently shown in galleries and museums across the USA and internationally. New Glass Review chose his work in 1980, 87, 00 and 2010.

                                Collections include Figge Art Museum, Corning Museum of Glass and Museum of Art and Design.